Stacy, our yellow lab, was about 1 month shy of her second birthday when she went into heat again. Wanting her to have at least one litter before we had her fixed, we figured now was the right time. We contacted Sievers Retrievers, a well known breeder of Labs in the STL area, and inquired about stud service. Details were worked out and we bred her to Drake, a chocolate lab.
9 weeks later, on Sunday May 16, 2004, she had them.
There were 5 boys (1,2,4,5,6) and 3 girls (3,7,8), and they all weighed right at 1 pound at birth.
Suprisingly they were all chocolate. Stacy has 2 chocolate siblings so we knew she had it in her blood, but we had no idea we would get an entire litter of little chocolate ones!

We have found both the Puppy Development Calendar and the Dog Pregnancy Calendar to be extremely helpful.

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I also put together some info about the whelping box and pen we made here

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